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هیوا رضایی
Hiva Rezaei Internal manager of the factory
سعادت فرقانی
Saadat Forghani Financial Affairs Manager
فرید شجیعی
Farid Shajiei Human Resources Manager
امید محمودی
Omid Mahmoudi Managing Director
کریم محمودی
Karim Mahmoudi Chairman of the Board
آمانج فتاحی
Amanj Fattahi warehouse manager
هوشمند ادوای
Houshmand adway production manager
امید اسراری
omid Asrari quality control manager
شاهین فاتحی
Shahin Fatehi Trade and International Affairs
محمد اسراری
Mohammad asrari Trade and International Affairs

Company goals

Objectives of the leading company Surin Fanavar Fartak

The initial objectives of registration and establishment of the leading company Surin Fanavar Fartak Pishro Surin Fanavar Fartak Company was registered in 1397 with the aim of producing and offering quality and diverse products, creating jobs for young people, improving the quality of life and developing home appliance products, and in the same year the first phase of the factory was established in Kurdistan province – Baneh city. In 1398, this company was able to obtain the operation license of the factory by producing 15 main groups of home appliances such as vacuum cleaners, electric rice cookers, mixers and juicers, meat grinders, coffee makers, etc. with a production capacity of 200,000 units per year. In 1398, the company was able to build the second phase of the factory and expand its activities in the field of production and assembly of quality home appliances.   Goals and future plans of the leading company Surin Fanavar Fartak Among the future goals and plans of the company, we can mention the construction and operation of the third phase of the factory with 10,000 square meters of infrastructure and the employment of at least 200 people directly, 500 people indirectly. It is hoped that by achieving this part of the goals and plans, in the not too distant future, the products of the leading company Surin Fanavar Fartak will start exporting to the countries of the Persian Gulf and the Middle East. Planning, support and design The design, production and presentation of the products of the leading company Surin Fanavar Fartak are done with pre-determined plans by the experts of this company and for the well-being of the buyers of these products. A beautiful and complete arrangement that can meet the needs of the house. Production planning is done under the supervision of the company’s capable personnel and under the supervision of international standards. This industrial team is trying to go one step further in the development of the home appliance industry by expanding production programs in accordance with international standards. After sales service team Leading Surin Fanavar Fartak Company, as always in the production of products to provide quality and efficient products to its buyers, provides after-sales services to its buyers. The after-sales service team considers its most important task to provide the right service in the shortest time and gain customer satisfaction, so the company has tried to provide the best service to its customers by installing CRM software. Leading company Surin Fanavar Fartak in order to attract customer satisfaction and reassurance to the customer in terms of integrated support with after-sales service for 5 years and electrical appliances warranty for 18 months has fulfilled its obligations to improve services.
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